Blackmark Farm was a traditional Galloway hill farm until the forestry plantations arrived  25 years ago.    Clinging on to its in-bye land,  of 25 acres, the delightful Galloway farmhouse became our home in December 2015.

The site is being developed as a HOLISTIC FARM PROJECT  which involves incorporating many environmental, economic and community initiatives.

Mosaic Farming

Holistic Management

Organic Values

Low Stress Stockmanship



Cell Grazing and Conservation Grazing

Agricology and High Nature Value Farming

Pastoralism and Pasture Fed Livestock

Wood Pasture and Coppicing

Total Recycling Scheme

Community Craftsmanship and Localisation

Animal Power

Conservation of Traditional Crafts

The UNESCO Biosphere

Royal Highland Educational Trust

Development of Holosopholy