Highland cattle are native to Scotland and produce a traditional beef which is low in fat and cholesterol, yet well marbled to provide flavour and succulence.  They live outside all year thanks to their shaggy coats and ability to feed on the rough grasses and herbs. Our girls are particularly fond of nettles!! 

Highland cattle are slow maturing and the difference in eating experience compared with commercial beef is quite evident.  Our meat for sale is shrunk wrapped and frozen to -18C for best keeping quality.



TOPSIDE         £14.50/kg       pack sizes   1.486kg-1.762kg       serving approx  6-8

SILVERSIDE    £14.50/kg       pack sizes    1.04kg-2.034kg     serving approx  4-9

BRISKET          £11.00/kg       pack sizes   1.788kg -2.28kg       serving approx 8-10


FILLET              £39.25/kg         pack sizes 0.454kg-0.524kg    serving approx 2

SIRLOIN            £27.99/kg         pack sizes 0.342kg-0.594kg      serving approx 1-2

RIB-EYE            £27.99/kg         pack sizes  0.32kg-0.536kg     serving  approx 1-2

FRYING             £17.50/kg         pack sizes  0.328kg-0.618kg    serving approx 1-3


STEAK MINCE                £9.10      pack sizes 0.42kg -0.752kg    serving approx 2-3

CASSEROLE STEAK    £10.84     pack sizes 0.362kg-0.718kg    serving approx 2-3


SAUSAGE LINKS   £7.80/kg   approx 8 per 0.5kg   pack sizes approx 0.5kg-0.9kg

LORNE SQUARE SAUSAGE      £7.80 /kg      4 per pack (approx 500g)

We are still in the process of developing our on line shop.  Until then please phone our office and speak to Fiona about your needs.  Better still, drop in at the farm.

Hours  Mon-Fri 10am-3pm  01644 460532 or leave a message and we will get back to you.     Alternatively email   -fclubb@btinternet.com